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The Darkland is on the horizon

Let’s talk about my next release, due to drop May 28.

The Darkland was written a long time ago but due to some corrupt files, I had to reconstruct about 1/3 of it. That’s tough when the last time you were entrenched in the story was 15 years ago.  A few things to note about this novel:

It’s not like the last three novels I have published – The Wolfe, The Dark One: Dark Knight, and Rise of the Defender. This is a ‘normal’ sized novel (still a long one at 400 pages).  But it has the  pre-requisite Le Veque character –  a hero to die for. Kirk Connaught is the only Irish knight I have in my library. He’s a legacy knight, serving an English house like his father and his father before him. Kirk is dreamy.

But it’s got something else not normally found in my novels – a super-twisted pair of antagonists and a murder-mystery theme throughout. Weird stuff happens at The Darkland. Horrible stuff, actually. So don’t go into this novel thinking it’s the typical sweet love story because you’ll be disappointed. I have a foreword in the novel that instructs the readers not to expect the usual formula. This is a dark and strange one. However…

… the heroine is a fiesty English lass named Mara. She is NOT going to let anything bad happen to her or her sister, and she fights the evil at The Darkland for all she’s worth.  She’s a fighter all the way, but Kirk eventually manages to tame her. Quite a battle. Who is stronger – the Irish knight or the sassy English lady? And what about this sinister subplot that is prevalent throughout the novel? Read The Darkland and find out.

It’s a good, light read that should take you a few hours at most. Enjoy it!