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The latest and greatest

It’s been almost a week since SWORDS AND SHIELDS released and the reception from readers has been amazing. I’m so incredibly grateful for the positive reviews and the generally excellent response. This book is particularly special to me because it really emphasizes family bonds as well as the romance.  A Medieval ‘functional’ family as opposed to a ‘dysfunctional’ one. Thank you so much to my readers for loving the book and I hope you’re sharing it with your friends so they can (hopefully) love it, too!

Also, don’t forget about the WORLD OF DE WOLFE PACK on Kindle Worlds. There are 16 great novellas to read there, so you’ll want to pick a few up. I was so fortunate to have so many talented author friends help me launch it, so please hop over to Kindle Worlds and pick up some copies.  AND… a big AND here… if you’re an aspiring writer, or a just a reader who would like to try your hand at crafting a story, or even a published writer looking to find more readership, I would encourage you to write in my world. It’s open to everyone!

Meanwhile, some links:

Swords and Shields on Amazon Le Veque’s World of de Wolfe Pack on Kindle Worlds