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The Lion of Northumbria

What a fun book this has been to write so far. I’ve reached the point in my writing career that I just don’t introduce any new family names any longer – I have 31 great houses (see THE MEDIEVAL WORLD OF KATHRYN LE VEQUE Reader’s guide available on Amazon!), so when I write these days, I just bring in sons, grandsons, uncles, great-grandsons, great-uncles, etc., of other heroes. It makes it so much more fun to put familiar names in to my novels. I’ve always said I really don’t have series, just family groups, and I’m afraid that someday I’ll have just one giant family group.  LOL! Then I’ll have to bring in new blood!

Anyway, THE LION OF NORTHUMBRIA  has some really great characters in it. We have our hero Atticus de Wolfe, a descendant of William de Wolfe.  He’s powerful, brilliant, and has a very wry sense of humor.  We also have Adam Wellesbourne as a young man (father of Matthew Wellesbourne, THE WHITE LORD OF WELLESBOURNE),  as well as the son of BEAST, a knight named Maxim de Russe. I could go on and on. There are so many sons and descendants in this novel that you’re going to have a great time connecting all of the dots.

And the heroine? She’s a descendant of Maximus de Shera (THE THUNDER WARRIOR) and she has Max’s temper. She’s a scrapper. So this book is proving to be just a rip-roaring action adventure with humor, passion, and some emotional moments. I think you’re going to love it, so make sure to reserve your copy. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and iBooks.

August 17th will be here soon enough!


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