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The List you have all been waiting for – the Family Tree

Finally! Below is a list of ‘significant’ relations and cross-over characters in my novels.  You will come across the same last names at times of characters that are not on this list but the relationship is more than likely insignificant.  I use the same last names a lot because, as we all know, all of my characters are somehow related.

Rise of the Defender:  Christopher de Lohr, David de Lohr, Marcus Burton

  • Marcus appears in modern times as the husband of Kathlyn Trent

The Dark One: Dark Knight: Gaston de Russe, Matthew Wellesbourne, Arik Helgeson, Patrick de Russe

Unending Love:  Maddoc du Bois, Rhys du Bois, Christopher de Lohr, David de Lohr, Gart Forbes

The White Lord of Wellesbourne:  Matthew Wellesbourne, Gaston de Russe Arik Helgeson, Patrick de Russe

Lord of the Shadows: Sean de Lara

  • Sean’s brother, Kevin, is a secondary character in Archangel with Gart Forbes
  • Descendent Heath de Lara is a secondary character in To The Lady Born
  • Descendent Tate de Lara is hero of Dragonblade

Lespada: Davyss de Winter

The Dark Lord:  Jax de Velt

  • Archer Phipps of Darkling, I listen is a descendent of Jax de Velt

Archangel:  Gart Forbes, David de Lohr, Christopher de Lohr, Kevin de Lara

  • Kevin de Lara is the brother of Sean de Lara (Lord of the Shadows)

Guardian of Darkness:  Creed de Reyne

Island of Glass:  Kenneth St. Hever

Kingdom Come:  Kieran Hage, Sean Hage (Kieran’s brother)

Dragonblade:  Tate de Lara, Stephen of Pembury, Kenneth St. Hever

The Savage Curtain:  Stephen of Pembury, Tate de Lara, Kenneth St. Hever

The Legend:  Alec Summerlin

Great Protector:  Richmond le Bec, Gavin Hage

  • Gavin Hage is a descendent of Sean and Kieran Hage

The Gorgon:  Bose de Moray

The Crusader:  Kieran Hage

  • Kieran’s grandfather is Tevin du Reims
  • Kieran’s cousins are Christopher and David de Lohr

Fragments of Grace:  Keir St. Hever, Kurtis St. Hever, Michael of Pembury

  • Kurtis St. Hever is Kenneth St. Hever’s father
  • Michael of Pembury is Stephen of Pembury’s father

Lespada:  Davyss de Winter

Spectre of the Sword:  Rhys du Bois, Christopher de Lohr, David de Lohr

  • Maddoc du Bois of Unending Love is Rhys’ son

The Falls of Erith:  Braxton de Nerra, Dallas de Aston

  • Dallas is descendent/relation of Adalind de Aston’s family (Unending Love)

The Whispering Night: Garren le Mon

To The Lady Born:  Weston de Royans, Richmond le Bec

  • Ancestor/distant relation Brighton de Royans appears in Unending Love

While Angels Slept: Tevin du Reims, Myles de Lohr, Val du Reims

  • Myles and Val are the parents of Christopher and David de Lohr
  • Tevin is the grandfather of Kieran Hage
  • Christopher, David, and Kieran are cousins

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  • Misty
    Posted April 18, 2013 at 12:00 am

    Great idea !
    I always like to read my stories in chronological order … does it also mean that “Rise of the Defender” is the first novel to read and “While Angels Slept” is the last one, I wonder !?
    Thanks 🙂

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