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THE RED FURY is coming!

Wow… what can I say about this book? First off, it’s a big epic close to the size and adventure of The Wolfe, Rise of the Defender, and The Dark One; Dark Knight. Yep, it’s BIG. It’s also, literally, the first historical romance I ever wrote. Can you believe it? Long-hand on spiral notebooks, it sat in a box for over 20 years until my assitant typed it up and convinced me to update it, fill in some gaps, and publish it. So – my holiday gift to you will be the completion and publication of THE RED FURY.

Andrew d’Vant, our hero, appeared THE WOLFE, if you recall. A mercenary with a very big mercenary army, his hang-out is the border between Scotland and England. He’s chill, handsome, and charges a whole LOT of money for his services. Enter Elisabel de Carron, a Scotswoman trying to defend her home from repeated attacks by a neighbor who thinks she and her father have wronged him. After the most recent attack, Elisabel knows they can’t take another, so she gathers all of her family’s wealth and sends for the fearsome mercenary, THE RED FURY. In her mind, he’s their only hope.

Cocky, powerful Andrew shows up and sees what she’s offering by way of money – uh, NO WAY, lady – but quickly, he’s taken with the beautiful and downtrodden woman. He agrees to help her for way less than his usual fee. But he soon learns that there is much more to this job than meets the eye, and the story explodes into layers of passion, deceit, betrayal, and royal intrigue. Did I mention that Elisabel is a cousin of the Scottish king, who wants to use her for his own purposes? All I can say is that you’re going to LOVE this book. This is why you read ‘me’!  Scotland and England collide in this fabulous Medieval epic!

Pre order THE RED FURY on all outlets! It’s at a very low price right now, but that price will go up in November, so get it now while you can at a steal of a price!

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