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THE SPLENDID HOUR has arrived!!

I’m so excited for you to read this book because there’s a LOT going on in it. You know I like me some political intrigue… and hatred of King John… and love of the virtuous (sometimes) Executioner Knights. That always makes for such a fun story, but now I’ve brought Marcus Burton back into the mix. He’s such a paradox – the man you love to hate in Rise of the Defender, yet Christopher was always so forgiving of him and I’ve had readers ask me ‘why’ – why did Chris forgive Marcus for all of the problems he caused?
I think it’s a simple answer – because Christopher and Marcus were closer than brothers in the Levant and they saved each others’ lives numerous times. There was something in Christopher that just couldn’t see Marcus as ‘wicked’. He still saw that man he loved, the one he fought side by side with, and he couldn’t get past that. David was a little different – he was close to Marcus, too, but not like Marcus and Chris were, probably because they were so much alike. David saw his brother’s forgiveness as weakness, but I think that innate ability to forgive is what makes Christopher such a great hero. He’s generous in many ways, including forgiving Marcus when the man sinned against him. If you’ve read A Blessed de Lohr Christmas, then you know something happens in that story that sees Marcus begging for Chris’ forgiveness. If you haven’t read it – it’s a great story!
But I digress. Now, Chris and Marcus and the gang are front and center in THE SPLENDID HOUR – and you’re going to LOVE seeing Peter helming this book. Cool twist at the end that’s going to blow your socks off!
Read it in KINDLE UNLIMITED on June 27th!!