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The Thunder Knight is here!

The last installment in the Lords of Thunder trilogy is finally here!

A little back ground about this novel… I have a very aggressive release schedule which, fortunately, I’m able to keep up with. I always said I’d rather have quality over quantity, so even though I usually write about 5k words a day when I’m on a deadline, I take a LOT of time to go back over what I’ve written, fine-tuning it, and basically edit as I go. Write 20 pages, edit 20 pages, write another 20 pages, edit those 20 pages… and so on. When writing a series, an author has to be very careful about tying up all of the loose ends. I’m fanatical about it, so by the time I got to the end of this book, my brain was kind of fried. I was sure I had missed something but I just couldn’t think anymore, so I passed it on to my editor with the usual “good luck with this” (a sarcastic ‘good luck’) because his fresh eyes usually catch EVERYTHING. I was on edge, waiting to hear what I had missed and that the book sucked. Well, I kind of wait for that from him every time, but I’ve been very lucky that he’s never said those words to me. So after a few days of silence, as I know he’s editing The Thunder Knight, imagine my joy to receive word from him (finally!!) that it was one of the best books I’d ever written. He LOVED it.

With that said, please make sure to get your copy of The Thunder Knight and read the conclusion to this wonderful series. I’ve had such a great time writing it and I’m truly going to miss the de Shera brothers for now. You know me – they may very well pop up in a later book at a later time!

Get The Thunder Knight here