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The Vikings are here!

I’ve got great news!

I’ve written a Viking tale (!!!) that is part of a never-before-published collection called SIRENS OF THE NORTHERN SEAS. Me and four other wonderful authors – Violetta Rand, Anna Markland, Emma Prince, and Elizabeth Rose – have compiled five fabulous short stories as part of a bigger collection of Viking tales. My story is called KINGDOM BY THE SEAS and it’s based on the poem “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe. Poe happens to be my favorite poet so I hope I’ve done his work justice with my interpretation of it. I had a great time writing it!

SIRENS OF THE NORTHERN SEAS is now available for pre order on Amazon and Kobo (B & N and ibooks to come!), so please head over to your favorite platform and reserve your copy. You are seriously not going to want to miss this  – I think you’re really going to love this collection!


Click here to pre order on Amazon