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Look what’s live in Bella Andre/Lucy Kevin’s world: THE WEDDING FOUNTAIN. Hot construction worker whose secret life was as a CIA assassin, a beautiful young widow, and a sweet little French Bulldog named Stanley. Check out this story, which I am absolutely in love with. I had such a great time writing it because it’s set in my hometown of Pasadena, California, and I know these neighborhoods. I went through the Pasadena Unified School District so I knew kids that lived on nearly every street in the city.  It’s such a wonderful city and even though I might live in another town these days, Pasadena is still ‘home’ for me.  But this story in particular is just fun – it’s got a lot of humor and a great twist, so even if you don’t like contemporary romance, I think you’ll like this one. Give it a try!

The Wedding Fountain in Kindle Worlds