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The Writing Game

Ever wonder how much I write on a daily basis? A lot. With all of the novels I have published, and all of the novels yet to come, you can imagine that it’s a safe bet to say I write a LOT. I once read that Joanna Lindsey tries to write about 20 pages a day. I try to do between 10 and 30, depending on how strongly the muse is singing to me.  When the muse really sings, I can’t type fast enough to get everything down.  And I type 85 wpm!  Right now, I’m heavily into Lord of War: Black Angel, which should be out in July.  I am thoroughly enjoying writing this novel and I hope that love reflects on the pages when  you read it.  I really love these characters I write about and I want you to love them (or hate them if they’re evil) as I do.

Recommendations for this week’s reading? Try The Darkland if you haven’t already. It’s a richly twisted tale with a great hero.  It was sure fun to write!

Happy reading!