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THE THUNDER LORD is coming Feb 8!

Happy Thursday!

The first book in the Lords of Thunder: The de Shera Brotherhood trilogy will be here soon!  This is going to be such a fun trilogy with three more wonderful knights to love and admire. This first book, The Thunder Lord, was a lot of fun to write for a lot of reasons….

The first reason was to introduce a new House to you – the House of de Shera. Although Bhrodi de Shera (SERPENT) was introduced to you last year, now you get to meet his parents, Gallus and Jeniver, and see how they came together. This is a fast-paced book, too – lots of action and battles and political intrigue. We’re dealing with Simon de Montfort against Henry III, so there’s quite a bit going on. Gallus de Shera, the eldest brother, is the leader of the pack – strong, wise, cunning, and absolutely fearless. But he has a weakness – he’s kind of a mama’s boy, but not in a bad way. His mother, Lady Honey, is a de Lohr… she is the youngest daughter of Christopher and Dustin, so now we discover that Bhrodi descends from the de Lohrs. Can’t you just see that strength  in Bhrodi? I can.  But back to being a mama’s boy – Gallus adores his mother and there is nothing wrong with that. She’s a sweet and very wise woman.

Why else was this fun? Because William de Wolfe plays a major part in the last half of the book. Surprise! The Wolfe returns and he’s badder than ever. It was an utter joy to write about William again – and just William this time – and we get to see The Wolfe in action again.

Who else makes an appearance? Dayvss de Winter. He is Gallus’ best friend. We also meet Davyss’ father, Grayson, who had passed away by the time LESPADA was written. Some de Winter family secrets are revealed.  It was a true pleasure to introduce readers to Grayson de Winter.

So, have I whetted your appetite yet? 2015 is starting off with a bang with a kick-ass book you’re going to love. Make sure you have your copy reserved from Amazon, iBooks, or Kobo. It will also go live on Barnes and Noble on February 8, so you can pick it up there as well for Nook.

Happy reading!!