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Two June Releases!

June is here and I’ve got two big releases coming – SCORPION on June 12 and WITH DREAMS ONLY OF YOU on June 23.  They’re both in pre order right now and I’ve had many readers tell me that they don’t ‘like’ pre orders because when they purchase a novel, they want it right away.  They’d rather wait until they can have the book in-hand, so to speak.

Although I totally understand that perspective, let me explain the advantage of a pre order. You click, you order it, and you forget it. Then – MAGIC – at 12:01 am on the release date, it appears on your Kindle or reading device.  You don’t have to remember to go and get it on the release date – it’s already there. Plus, with pre orders, they are guaranteed to be on your device the day of release. If something catastrophic happens and the pre order somehow gets screwed up, then you are notified that there has been a problem and your money is refunded. So, there really is no reason NOT to pre order a book. Click it and forget it (until release day, anyway)!

Now, why do you need to pre order SCORPION? Because the preliminary feedback from it is that it is, literally, one of my best. Twists, turns, unexpected events, and a very passionate love story. This one will keep you up all night reading it, I hope! 🙂

And why should you order WITH DREAMS ONLY OF YOU? Because this is a phenomenal collection from six top authors in their genre – each one of us wrote a segment and all of the segments comprise one big book.  It all starts with a Roman sword with a secret message written on it and takes off from there. Not to be missed!!

Pre order links:

Order Scorpion on Amazon

Order Scorpion on Barnes and Noble

Order Scorpion on iBooks


Order WITH DREAMS ONLY OF YOU on Barnes and Noble