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Two More Fantastic Book Bundles – Great for Holiday Reading!

The holidays are fast approaching and I know you want to save money – but still read books – so I’m rolling out several new book bundles that won’t break the holiday bank. In fact, all of my bundles (with rare exception) are priced at only .99 cents for just that very reason. You’ll get anywhere from three to seven books all for less than a cup of coffee. I want to save you money! Better still, you can read them all in Kindle Unlimited.

Why is KU important?

As someone who has been part of KU since the start of the program, I can tell you that KU is good to authors. Don’t worry about authors not getting paid through KU – quite the opposite, in fact. Many authors make extremely good money in KU, so KU is friendly to both authors and readers.

Why is it reader-friendly?

Here’s a little secret. With Kindle Unlimited, you can only borrow up to ten books at a time. You have to return books in order to read more books. With my bundles, we’re getting around that little rule because each bundle has an average of four books. If you read four of my bundles, that’s sixteen books right there – all at one time. That’s why bundles are SUCH a great deal in Kindle Unlimited. For $9.99 a month, you can read dozens and dozens of books – for only $9.99. See what I mean? It’s a great investment in your reading habit!

Of course, I know readers like to keep books. I like to keep books myself. The great thing about KU is that if you test out a new author in KU, you’re really not out anything. They’re part of your subscription service. But if you like them, you’ve already read the book and then you can go ahead and purchase that book, knowing that you already like it. Test first, buy second. It’s a great system!

Right now, I’ve got two reissued bundles out. Back by popular demand, The Red Highlanders and the Nunnery Brides are here, just in time for the holidays. There are nine books between these two bundles – and all in KU – or only .99 cents to buy, so even if you have most of the books – but maybe there’s one you don’t have – it’s a huge savings to pick up the bundle for the one book you don’t have.

Go forth and READ HAPPILY!!

The Red Highlanders Collection:

Nunnery Brides Collection: