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Two New Holiday Bundles – Happy Holiday Reading!!

I’ve got two fabulous new bundles for you to add to your Kindle library and read in Kindle Unlimited.

What bundles, you ask??

Good ones!

Holiday Brides has joined us along with a second bundle, Holiday Knights. Between the two bundles, there are seven holiday stories for you to enjoy including The Earl in Winter, one of my very favorite novellas. It was part of A Very Highland Holiday anthology last year and has a companion story by Kerrigan Byrne called The Earl of Christmas Past. Two stories, two brothers, so grab the Holiday Brides bundle and read The Earl in Winter if you haven’t already.

Holiday Knights is, of course, the flagship collection with de Wolfe, de Lohr, and de Russe holiday stories. I put the Big Three together this year. Even if you’ve read these stories, read them again in this collection – it’s specifically designed so you can enjoy all three major families together. When read in Kindle Unlimited, you can simply return it after you’re finished, but if you want to buy it, only .99 cents each for both bundles! It’s a great deal! (and I love the covers for both, but Holiday Knights has Scott de Wolfe on the cover looking fearsome!)

Get your holiday bundles here and read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!

Holiday Brides:

Holiday Knights: