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Valley of the Shadow FREE for Kindle this week

I don’t run Freebies too often anymore, so when I do, I really like to let everyone know.  This week, I’m running a freebie for Kindle on the first book of one of my action/adventure/romance series. Contemporary romance with a lot of action!

I absolutely love this series. Dr. Kathlyn Trent is my alter-ego. I always wanted to be a Biblical archaelogist, so when I conceived of this series, I just had Kathlyn do what I would have liked to have done – chase myths!

Kathlyn is a media archaeologist.  She’s bright, blond, and beautiful, and the public eats her up.  As she puts it, they like to see a pretty girl talk about mythical things.  But here’s the kicker – she really does have a talent.  Her most predominant skill is a sixth -sense like gift; when she gets near things that involve death and/or strong emotion, she begins to ‘feel’ it.  For example – she’s great at locating ancient tombs which, of course, involve death and strong emotion.  Kathlyn has all kinds of psychic senses that traditional archaeologists scoff at. They think she’s full of it.

Enter Marcus Burton…

One of the leading Egyptologists in the world, Marcus is six feet and four inches of genius intellect, a mean temperament, and a face and body like a god.  He’s a mixture of all things that both attract and intimidate women.  When Kathlyn is called in by his university to help on his dig in Egypt, Marcus pretty much has a temper tantrum. He thinks she’s a joke and tells her straight to her face. He insults her, is horrible to her, but she sticks it out, and somewhere in the middle of it, these two fall in love.  And then, they have a great adventure!

I’m not going to give it all away, but if you haven’t read this series, give it a try. I think you’ll like it. Men really love it, too – not just women! Plus, the first book in the series is free right now, so it’s a win/win.

Give Valley of the Shadows a try.  It’s really good!!