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Weather alert! The Black Storm has arrived!

Surprise! Yet another ‘surprise’ release (with a very short pre order), but The Black Storm has finally arrived!

This one is all about the tournaments. William de Wolfe, Paris de Norville, and Kieran Hage make very brief cameos at a tournament in Durham where Ridge de Reyne is competing. You know if something is happening in the north in the mid-to-late part of the 13th century, there’s going to be a de Wolfe around. It was fun to work them in. I saw an advance reviewer say that they wished they were in the story more, but this story was about Ridge – not the de Wolfe Pack – so I didn’t want to take away from that. But it was fun to have them ‘poke their heads in’ and say hello!

This was a fun book to write. It’s not huge – it’s not a giantly-sweeping romance – but it’s a little spicy and tender in places, with some furry friends as side-kicks. I think you’re going to enjoy a fun, somewhat light romp (as far as my books go), so I hope you pick it up for your weekend (or weekday) reading! It is in Kindle Unlimited right away, so no waiting – read it in KU tonight!

Here’s the blurb:

A powerful knight who has served two kings becomes a tournament champion, but will a meddlesome woman and a wicked opponent bring him the greatest defeat of his life?

Will the lady he loves with his entire being slip through his fingers?

Ridge de Reyne (from The Red Fury) served both Henry III and Alexander, King of Scotland, but royal appointments were ultimately not the life he wanted. Determined to make his fortune and become a powerful warlord in his own right, Ridge has followed the tournament circuit for the past few years, accumulating wealth and making a name for himself as the unbeatable warrior known as The Black Storm.

Enter Lady Catherine de Tuberville.

Coming to the prestigious Durham tournament with her brothers and mother, Catherine is overwhelmed by the pageantry and spectacle of one of the largest tournaments in the north. In a chance meeting with Ridge, she discovers a handsome, kind, and somewhat shy man she’s quite interested in. But her mother has other ideas.

When Catherine’s mother insists her daughter find favor with a brutal, immoral knight who is the son of a French count, her underhanded actions could bring about the destruction of everything Ridge and Catherine hold dear. It’s mother against daughter in a battle of good versus evil, with the prize being Ridge’s very life.

With neither lady willing to surrender, it’s an epic battle in this stunning Medieval Romance.

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