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Winter Comes Tomorrow! (Lord of Winter, that is!)

My newest epic, LORD OF WINTER, is being released tomorrow, a few days early! Advanced reviewers are LOVING this book and I’m so excited about that! This is just one of those books that had an inordinate amount of funny situations, including Christopher and David de Lohr and Marcus Burton getting caught with some ‘loose women’ in an inn… and the results are hilarious. Remember, this is pre-Rise of the Defender and pre-Steelheart, so it’s before Christopher and David met their wives. They were certainly scoundrels in their younger years, so make sure you have your copy reserved so that at 12:01 am your time tonight, the book pops right up onto your Kindle or reading device and you can start reading! (Who needs sleep, right?!) I think you’re going to have a great time with it!!

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