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WolfeAx is here!

Introducing Magnus and Delaina!

If you’ve read Nighthawk, then you know Patrick de Wolfe is the biggest de Wolfe brother. He’s really the knight in shining armor of the whole gang the way he fought for his lady-love, Bridey. Patrick – or Atty – and Bridey had four boys and two girls and Magnus is their third son, named for Bridey’s father – Magnus the Law Mender, who was a great Viking king.

Magnus’ story opens up all peachy-keen. We settle in for a calm, normal tale, but it goes sideways rather quickly. Hold on to your seats because this is a fast-paced tale of deception, redemption, and most of all, love. I had a blast writing it.

WolfeAx is available everywhere today ONLY. On 11/27, it goes into Kindle Unlimited, so get ready KU readers! It’ll be in KU tomorrow!

This book is getting rave reviews from Netgalley reviewers, so I think you’re going to like it. Some say it’s the best de Wolfe Pack Generations novel yet!

Get it here: