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Lord of Winter is on Pre order!!

Available for pre-order everywhere!! LORD OF WINTER has a great tagline – ‘when the never-wrong egotist meets the flame that will melt his frozen heart, an epic romance happens’.  Remember the story of Achilles? The greatest warrior in the world who only fought when he felt like it? That’s kind of our hero in Lord of Winter. He’s awesome and moody. But this is shaping up to be an EPIC book because we have Christopher de Lohr in it a few years before he meets Dustin (Rise of the Defender). David de Lohr and Marcus Burton are in it, and so are the heroes from my coming UNHOLY TRINITY: THE EXECUTIONER KNIGHTS series. You get to meet these men about ten years before their stories take place. Sound like a great time? It’s going to be, trust me, and our heroine is essentially a spoil of war when me meet her. Does she fight back? You’d better believe it. I really think you’re going to love this book, so make sure you have your copy reserved!!

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