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As of October 29, 2015, Amazon will launch my very own fan fiction site in Kindle Worlds. It’s called Le Veque’s World of the de Wolfe Pack and ANYONE can write in this world and get paid. How does it work? Easy! You simply use characters from the de Wolfe pack in your novel – as your main characters – and you can write any story you wish. You can write about sons of William de Wolfe (who already exist), their grandchildren, or ancestors, or descendants 800 years later. You can write a Medieval romance, a Sci-Fi space adventure, a children’s book, erotica, Highlander, Viking, etc, etc… anything at all using my characters and my family. More information is on the Kindle World’s site, which I will post as soon as it’s live.

Note: The novels that are part of this world are The Wolfe, Serpent, Scorpion. The Lion of the North, and Walls of Babylon. You are permitted to use any character or family from any of these novels to use as the hero/heroine of your book. You may create descendants or ancestors and use them as the hero/heroine of your story. However… you MUST publish the book in my World site on Amazon Worlds. You cannot publish it outside of the world. The rights to use my characters only pertain to use inside my world. Outside of my world, it’s a violation of copyright. Please see the Kindle Worlds site for detailed info on how this works, because it’s super exciting! You get paid for writing in MY world when your books sell!

Meanwhile, here is a page that will give you every single primary and secondary character in all five books so you can see who you can include in your stories. The sky’s the limit with what you can do, so I encourage you to check out Kindle Worlds and write in my world! (It’s highly recommended that you read at least one or more books in the world so you can get a feel for it, but that is not required).


All five books in the series are set in Medieval England, Wales, and Scotland. The time frame for these series (as they are not directly chronological) are 1233 A.D. up through 1471 A.D., so there is a wide timespan in which to work. That is for the Medieval setting, however; other genres can use any time frame or setting. Other genres for this world are encouraged (Victorian, YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Erotica, Contemporary, etc).

The Wolfe – set in the reign of Henry III 1231 A.D.

Serpent – set in the reign of Edward I conquest of Wales 1283 A.D.

Scorpion – set in the later reign of Edward I 1289 A.D.

The Lion of the North – Set in the war of the Roses. Opening scene is the Battle of Towton, March 1461 A.D.

Walls of Babylon – set in the last days of the War of the Roses, 1471 A.D. Battle of Barnet where Warwick was killed is the conclusion of this novel.


William de Wolfe’s castle: Castle Questing in Northumbria. The de Wolfe family, however, holds the earldom of Wrexham near the Welsh border. William holds the title Baron Kilham and in later years is granted the title Earl of Warenton by Edward I. William’s eldest brother is the Earl of Wolverhampton, a de Wolfe family traditional title.

Castle in Serpent: Rhydillian Castle on the isle of Anglesey, near the town of Gaerwen. Built by the kings of Anglesey centuries earlier.

Castle in Scorpion: the book mostly takes place in a town, so there is no real ‘castle’ or home base. However, Kevin’s family castle is Southwell Castle in Nottinghamshire. His uncle is the Earl of Newark. The Hage family is descended from the ancient kings of Mercia (Saxon blood).

Castle in The Lion of the North: Wolfe’s Lair (formal name is Rule Water Castle) but everyone calls it “The Lair”. Located over the Scottish border, actually in Scotland, north of the Hermitage Castle. Was designed by the same builder and has similar characteristics as The Hermitage..

Castle in Walls of Babylon: Babylon Castle just east of Huddersfield in west Yorkshire. Built by the Thorne family of Yorkshire.

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Character breakdowns:

Reigning king – King Henry III

Reigning queen – Queen Eleanor of Provence

Year: 1240


Edward de Wolfe & (?)

Child: Robert de Wolfe

Child: Jonathan de Wolfe

Child: William de Wolfe


Thomas & Elinor Scott (deceased)

Child: Jordan Scott


Nathaniel & Anne Scott (Nathaniel is brother to Thomas)

Child: Benjamin Scott

Child: Robert Scott

Child: Caladora Scott


Matthew & Lillith Scott (Matthew is brother to Thomas)

Child: Donald Scott

Child: Ian Scott

Child: Cord Scott

Child: Malcolm Scott

Child: Jemma Scott


John de Longley – Earl of Teviot

Child: Analiese de Longley

Child: Alexander de Longley

Child: Adam de Longley


Northwood Knights –

Sir Paris de Norville

Sir Kieran Hage

Sir Michael de Bocage

Sir Dienwald Ellsword

Sir Jason Gray

Sir Corin de Fortlage

Sir Marc Fitz Gerald

Sir Lewis Arnsworth

Sir Ranulf Kluge


William’s Squire – Luke

Servants from Langton:



Servants at Northwood:


Peasant girl, then adopted daughter of Jemma and Kieran:

Mary Alys

Physician: Byron

Priest: Father Sutton – He performs the marriage of William and Jordan

Lady-in-Waiting to Jordan:

Aloria de Gare

Previous ally of Clan Scott:

Oliver Barr

Enemy of Clan Scott:

Dunbar McKenna

Son: Abner McKenna

Son: Dougal McKenna

Son: Tate McKenna

Bastard son: Malcolm Scott

Daniel de Troiu of Deauxville Mount

Captain: Brockenhurst

Sir William Payton-Forrester – Captain of Beverley

2nd In Command – Sir John Gainsborough

King Henry’s Troops

Rolf de Moray – Captain of King Henry’s Household Troops (a relation to Bose de Moray?)

Sir Roan d’Vant – Guard – Cousin to The Red Fury, Andrew d’Vant (a relation to Dennis d’Vant?)

Sir Broderick de Marsh – Guard


Andrew d’Vant – The Red Fury – Mercenary, and cousin to Sir Roan d’Vant

2nd In Command: Thane Alraedson


Children born to William & Jordan de Wolfe in the book:

Child: Scott de Wolfe (Twin)

Child: Troy de Wolfe (Twin)

Child: Patrick de Wolfe


Children born to Kieran & Jemma Hage in the book:

Child: Baby Hage

Child: Alec Hage

Epilogue Characters:


Wade Wolfe

Jeremy Scatler


William & Jordan de Wolfe:

Child: Scott b. 1241 (married to Lady Athena de Norville, has issue*)

Child: Troy b. 1241 (married to Lady Helene de Norville, has issue)

Child: Patrick b. 1243 (married to Lady Brighton de Favereux, has issue)

Child: James b. 1245 – Killed in Wales June 1282 (married to Lady Rose Hage, has issue)

Child: Katheryn b.1245 (James’ twin) Married Sir Alec Hage, has issue

Child: Evelyn b. 1248 (married Sir Hector de Norville, has issue)

Child: Baby de Wolfe b. 1250, died same day. Christened Madeleine.

Child: Edward b.1252 (married to Lady Cassiopeia de Norville, has issue)

Child: Thomas b.1255

Child: Penelope b. 1263 (married Bhrodi de Shera, hereditary King of Anglesey and Earl of Coventry,

has issue)


Kieran & Jemma Hage:

Child: Mary Alys b. circa 1238 (adopted) married, with issue

Child: Baby Hage, b. 1241, died same day. Christened Bridget.

Child: Alec b.1243 (married to Lady Katheryn de Wolfe, has issue)

Child: Christian b. 1248 (died Holy Land 1269 A.D.) no issue

Child: Moira b. 1251 (married to Sir Apollo de Norville, has issue)

Child: Kevin b.1255

Child: Rose b.1258 (widow of Sir James de Wolfe, has issue)

Child: Nathaniel b.1260


Paris & Caladora de Norville

Child: Hector b.1245 (married to Lady Evelyn de Wolfe, has issue)

Child: Apollo b. 1248 (married to Lady Moira Hage, has issue)

Child: Helene b.1250 (married to Sir Troy de Wolfe, has issue)

Child: Athena b.1253 (married to Sir Scott de Wolfe, has issue)

Child: Adonis b.1255

Child: Cassiopeia b.1257 (married to Sir Edward de Wolfe, has issue)

[/wptab][wptab name=’SERPENT‘]


1283 A.D.

Reigning king – Edward I



Dr. Bud Becker

Dr. Cynthia Paz


Bhrodi de Shera – Hereditary King of Anglesey, of Welsh royalty on his mother’s side, and is the Earl of Coventry on his father’s side. His father is Gallus de Shera and his mother is Jeniver ferch Gaerwen, and their novel is Thunder Lord. Bhrodi is darkly handsome, tall, and muscular, with swift cat-like reflexes. He has a muscular chest and broad shoulders. He has a deep voice and piercing green eyes. He is arrogant. His nickname is The Serpent.

Penelope de Wolfe – Daughter of the legend, William de Wolfe. She takes after him in looks, with dark-brown hair, and hazel-gold eyes. The most beautiful of all the de Wolfe daughters. Trained as a knight by her father.

William de Wolfe – In this novel he is about age 73. He is older and battle-scarred. He is big and dark with greying dark hair. He is still a legend known as The Wolfe of the North.

Jordan de Wolfe – His wife, about age 63 in this story.

Scott de Wolfe – Blond and brawny, twin to Troy.

Troy de Wolfe – Dark like William, and tall.

Patrick de Wolfe – The biggest and most powerful of the de Wolfe brothers. He is amiable with pale, green eyes.

Edward de Wolfe – Tall, with golden-hazel eyes. He is well-spoken and politically savvy.

Thomas de Wolfe – He is quite handsome, muscular, and is of average height. He has dark coloring like William.

Paris de Norville – Big and handsome, he is now older in this novel, with graying, blond hair.

Apollo de Norville – An extremely tall man with big hands and reddish-gold hair. He is the son of Paris.

Kieran Hage – He is older in this story, but is still massive and strong.

Jemma Hage – Small, round, and feisty.

Kevin Hage – Kieran and Jemma’s son. He is enormous like his father, with dark hair, green eyes, broad shoulders, and big arms. He has his mother’s coloring. He has the temperament of his father, and is calm and sedate.

Old Evan – The man who lives in the cupboard. He is quite insane with few moments of lucidity. Evan is his mother’s uncle. He is a tiny man with wild, stringy white hair, and dresses in filthy rags.

Tacey de Shera ap Gruffydd – Bhrodi’s youngest sister. She has dark hair and dark eyes. She is tiny with bird-like arms, slender, and is very timid. She was married to the youngest prince of Wales and is widowed. She is carrying his heir.

Bhrodi’s Teulu (commanders of Bhrodi’s personal guard):

Sir Ivor ap Bando – A big man with black, shaggy hair, and a great friend to Bhrodi.

Sir Ianto ap Huw – A big man from a noble family. He is Bhrodi’s older and wise cousin.

Sir Gwyllim ap Evan – The voice of reason for their group.

Sir Yestin ap Bran – A boney man with dark hair.

Bron Llywd – A childhood friend and vassal to Bhrodi


Edward I, King of England – Age 44 in this story. He is a tall man with curly dark, blond hair that was starting to turn white. He is muscular from combat, but had a rounded belly and gout. He is soft-spoken with a lisp. He is very intelligent.

Keir St. Hever – An enormous knight in King Edward’s army. He wields a powerful sword. This story takes place before his novel Fragment of Grace.

Lady Tacey ap Gruffyd – The infant daughter of Bhrodi’s sister Tacey, who died giving birth to Lady Tacey. As an infant, she is sent to live with William and Jordan de Wolfe, for safekeeping.

Prologue Characters:

Paige Wolfford – Daughter of Wade Wolfe and Jeremy Scatler from the prologue of The Wolfe. She is slender and lovely, with long, dark hair and hazel eyes.

Bodie Deshere – He is in his early 30s, big man with dark hair and an extraordinarily handsome face.


Children of Bhrodi and Penelope:

William b1284

Perri b1287

Bowen b1289

Dai b1292

Catrin (g) b1294

Morgana (g) b1296

Maddock b1299

Anthea (g) b1303

Talan b1305

[/wptab][wptab name=’SCORPION‘]



1289 A.D.

Six years after Serpent

Reigning king – Edward I


Kevin Hage – Massively agile body, shaved head, intense green eyes, with hands the size of trenchers. He has a tattoo of a large scorpion on his body. He is a mercenary and paid assassin, and is no longer pious or gentle like his father, Kieran Hage.

Annavieve Fitz Roderick – Bastard daughter of the one of the last Prince of Wales, Rhordi ap Gruffydd and Lady Alys Marshall. She is tall and beautiful, with long dark hair, an exquisite face, and wide hazel eyes. She has long arms and long legs, a full bosom and full hips.

Adonis de Norville – Tall and blond.

Thomas de Wolfe – Dark, with hazel eyes and big shoulders.

Edward I – Tall and slender, with graying blond hair, one droopy eye, and a pronounced lisp.

Old Magda – Anna’s nurse

Victor de Ferrers – Duke of Dorset, close cousin to King Edward I. He is 58 years old. He is tall and big, with silver-gray hair, prominent dark eyebrows, and an intense gaze. He is seasoned and ruggedly handsome.

Piers de Evereux – He’s a paid assassin for the Templars. He is a dark, French knight, with dark, long dirty hair, and dark eyes.

Gorsedd de Bretagne – Father of Cortez de Bretagne from The Questing. He is a knight for the Earl of Salisbury. He is a powerfully built man with dark hair and nearly black eyes.

Cortez de Bretagne – He is age 17 in this novel. He is tall and muscular, with black hair and is very handsome. He is serving as a squire for the Earl of Salisbury, and squired for Kevin Hage in this novel.

William of Longespee – Earl of Salisbury and cousin of King Edward I. He is a regal man, tall and strong, and is even-tempered.

Roger Longespee – Viscount Twyford, oldest son of William Longespee, and is his heir. He is a very young man, quite effeminate, wearing lip rogue and flowers in his hair. His aura is carefree and womanly, and is a very spoiled and entitled person.

Vietta de Lohr – Twin sister of Annavieve. Bastard daughter of the one of the last Prince of Wales, Rhordi ap Gruffydd and Lady Alys Marshall. She is raised as a child of Myles and Agnes de Lohr, and is the great-great-granddaughter of Christopher de Lohr from Rise of the Defender. She is a lovely young woman, age 19, with beautiful dark hair, big gray eyes, and a freckled nose.

Myles de Lohr – Great-grandson of Christopher de Lohr from Rise of the Defender. He is the current Earl of Hereford. He is a big, blond man.

Lady Alys Marshall – Annavieve’s and Vietta’s birth mother. She is now an older woman, pale in color, with hazel eyes. She is nicknamed Mimsy, and was the nurse to the Earl of Hereford’s children.

Lord Lily – Lord Sheriff of Longcross. He is a very tall man with bad teeth.

Kieran de Ferrers – He is the infant son born to Annavieve and Kevin Hage. He inherited the title Duke of Dorset at his birth since his father Victor was killed. He is the spitting image of Kevin’s father, Kieran Hage.

[/wptab][wptab name=’THE LION OF THE NORTH‘]


1461 A.D.
172 years after Scorpion

Reigning kings – Henry VI and Edward IV

Titus de Wolfe – A powerful knight who led the Northumberland army. Brother to Atticus. He had light coloring, light-colored hair, and hazel eyes. He was very handsome and had striking dark looks and chiseled features.

Atticus de Wolfe – The Lion of the North, leads Northumberland’s army after Titus’ death. He is a fierce man, who does not apologize, has a sense of righteousness, and is arrogant and unforgiving. He is very tall, and muscular with broad shoulders. He is darkly handsome, with dark and thick spiky hair, and green eyes.

Isobeau de Wolfe – The widow of Titus de Wolfe. She was born Isobeau de Shera and is a descendant of Maximus de Shera from The Thunder Warrior. Like Maximus, she is strong-willed, stubborn, and quick to temper. She has a brilliant mind. She is very beautiful with pale blond hair, and green eyes.

Warenne de Winter, Earl of Thetford – A young muscular knight who is the best friend of Atticus. Handsome with dark hair and dark eyes. He is a just and wise person. He is a descendant of Davyss de Winter from Lespada. The firstborn de Winter son carries the Lespada sword with him and Warenne has it with him it at all times.

Solomon de Wolfe – Father of Titus and Atticus. An older man now, but is still very big with a great hairy beard and hands the size of trenchers. His hair is completely white. He is a firm man, and is fair and decisive. He has never backed away from a fight.

Northumberland Knights: (Titus was their leader and now Atticus leads them)

Adam Wellesbourne – A short, stocky, muscular, skilled knight who is fearless. He is more a follower than a leader. He is the father of Matthew Wellesbourne from The White Lord of Wellesbourne.

Alec le Bec – A young knight, very big, with blond hair, and bright blue eyes.

Maxim de Russe – An excruciatingly handsome but arrogant knight. He has great wisdom. He is the son of Bastian de Russe from Beast.

Tertius de Shera – Isobeau’s brother. A big and tall knight, with shaggy, light brown hair.

Kenton le Bec – A tall and muscular knight of great height and width. Enormous arms. He has his grandfather’s legendary fighting skills and ability (Richmond le Bec from Great Protector). No one better in all of England with a crossbow other than him. His story is in Walls of Babylon.

Norfolk Knights:

John de Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk – A stubby man, but a powerful duke and a brilliant tactician.

Simon de la Londe – Bearded knight who served under Titus’ command. A traitor and murderer of Titus.

Declan de Troiu – A knight who served under Titus’ command. A traitor and murderer of Titus.

Shaun Summerlin – Brother-in-law to Warenne de Winter. A handsome knight with shaggy blond hair and a square-jawed face.

Rik du Reims – Son of the Earl of East Anglia. A big and handsome knight with shoulder-length hair, black eyes, and a square jaw.

Raphael Archer-Phipps – A big knight with curly, auburn hair and a nasty manner.
House of Wellesbourne:

Andrew Wellesbourne – Father of Adam Wellesbourne, and grandfather to Matthew from The White Lord of Wellesbourne. An older but congenial man with dark hair and dark eyes. He is still quite spry at his age and is very active on the battlefield.

Juston de Royans – A big knight with blond hair.

Children of Titus & Isobeau:

Caius de Wolfe
Leonidus de Wolfe
Morgana de Wolfe
Titus Warenne de Wolfe

[/wptab][wptab name=’WALLS OF BABYLON‘]


1471 A.D.

Ten years after The Lion of the North

Reigning kings – Edward IV & Henry VI

Kenton le Bec – Age 40, Known as Warwick’s attack dog, and a know-all and see-all knight. He’s unpredictable, unafraid, and deadly as a snake. He is colossal in size with a neck and arms the size of tree trunks. He has short, black, spiky hair, a tanned face, deep blue eyes, a square jaw, and angled cheekbones.

Trouble Trio – The knights who serve Kenton

Conor de Birmingham – Big, red-headed knight

Gerik le Mon – A bear-like knight, with thinning brown hair.

Ackerley Forbes – A tall knight, with dark blond hair and a thick neck.


Nicola Aubrey-Thorne – Age 25, widow of Lord Gaylord Thorne. She is beautiful with long, honey-colored hair, a slender neck, porcelain features, pale green eyes, and rosy cheeks. She has a soft, soothing voice.

Tab Thorne – Nicola’s oldest son, who is stoic, unafraid, decisive, and unbending. He has sandy hair and green eyes.

Tiernan Thorne – Twin – Sandy hair.

Teague – Twin – Sandy hair, and speaks with a lisp.


Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick – Gray hair. Looks older than his age. Kenton serves Warwick.


Matthew Wellesbourne – Age 22. Loves the women, congenial, and benevolent. This is before his novel, The White Lord of Wellesbourne.

Gaston de Russe – Age 22. An enormous, powerful, dark, and frightening knight. Earning his nickname of The Dark One. This is before his novel, The Dark One: Dark Knight.

Brome St. John – Garrison Commander of Conisburgh. A very big knight with long, blond hair. (Related to The Warrior Poet?)


Katryne St. John – Sister to Brome St. John, and ward of the Duke of Exeter. A small and very pretty girl.

Lord Saxilby – An older short man, with gray hair. Has a strong constitution and a great acumen for battle.


Servants at Castle Babylon –


Janet – A young servant

Liesl – Age 15, plain and pale. Sister to Raven.

Raven – Age 16, dark hair and dark eyes. Sister to Liesl