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All Day

One Wylde Knight

The bigger and badder they are, the harder they fall...

Dark, sultry, with a hint of fire in his blood from his Visigoth ancestors and a spark in his eye that betray his killer instincts, Thorington “Thor” de Reyne is the son of the Earl of Ashington and one of the greatest knights England has ever seen. His talent is unmatched, so much so that the king himself has demanded Thor’s service.

But he has to fight Thor’s own father to get him.

Much in demand, Thor has an ego that is fed by the warlords and kings who are fighting over him. But he has own plans and that includes getting rich, rich enough so that he won’t have to serve at the whim of a king or an earl.

And the king knows it.

In a strategic move, the king offers a marriage to Thor, to the richest heiress in England if not the entire world. Lady Caledonia de Wylde is a woman with more money than the king himself and quite possibly more land than any other landholder in England. Not only was she an heiress in her own right, but she married - and was widowed by – a man with roots that went back before the Norman conquest. She’s older than Thor, and has three daughters, but Thor doesn’t care. He’ll get the money he wants and the power he very much craves.

But what he didn’t expect was to fall in love with her.