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SERPENT is here!!

The Serpent has struck! It has slithered onto the charts and his inching towards the top! Okay, can I throw anymore puns in here? I think I’ll stop while I’m ahead. Meanwhile, jump onto Amazon and order SERPENT for your Kindle OR in paperback!  It’s already racked up ten reviews – and every one is 5 star. Wow!!

This book really was a labor of love for me because half of the characters are people you already know – William de Wolfe, Paris de Norville, Kieran Hage, Jordan and Jemma.  It was like visiting with old and dear friends again as I wrote about them, now in the sunset of their lives. We see how attached William is to his children, and how Jordan and especially Jemma have lost none of their fire. There are some truly laugh out loud moments with these folks.  And there are some moments that will make you tear up.  But, most of all, I was able to introduce the next generation Wolfe Pack…

… Penelope de Wolfe is her father’s daughter. She’s smart, tough, intelligent, and resourceful. And she does NOT want to marry Bhrodi, our Welsh warlord hero. Fortunately, she changes her mind (or we wouldn’t have a story!).  What an adventure they have! Battles, kings, Welsh, English, love, hate, passion, crazy uncles, pregnant sisters… you name it and it’s in here. Full of action and romance and… myths! Yes, myths!

I’m sure you’ve seen the book description over the past several weeks so I won’t repeat it, but this is a novel you MUST read. Fortunately, the weekend is coming up, so now you have something to do – read SERPENT!