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Surprise! A new September Release!

Check out my September release – surprise!

A fabulous Gothic Medieval starring Hermes de Norville (part of Paris’ battling grandsons, Atreus and Hermes) in his own spooky but VERY romantic Gothic Medieval tale, complete with legends and spooks and a castle built from bones…

Here’s the blurb:

A Medieval Gothic tale sure to satisfy your craving for spooks and ghouls and all things frightening!

A castle layered with secrets…

A family living a curse

Will a knight in shining armor be enough to save them?

Castle Draygon is a castle with more than one mystery. When Hermes de Norville rides into the village at the base of the castle, little does he know how his life is going to change. A chance meeting with a woman the villagers call the Angel of Death changes his stars.

And so begins a complex and dark tale.

Castle Draygon is rife with curses and legends, so Hermes discovers. But above the whispers and rumors hovers an evil over the castle that controls its occupants. Hermes can’t help his attraction Catrine de la Pare, the woman known to the villagers as the Angel of Death, but Catrine’s story is as complex as the legends behind Castle Draygon itself. Reeling from the loss of his wife and riddled with grief, Hermes finds purpose when it comes to Catrine. She doesn’t deserve the reputation she’s been given by superstitious villagers and it’s up to Hermes to save Catrine and her brother, a man known as The Dragon, from the evil that hangs over Castle Draygon.

Can Hermes break the curse? Or will the evil in the tower overtake him, too?

Join Hermes and Catrine in a romantic Gothic Medieval tale.

🌟🌟Pre order now! (note that this book will release directly into Kindle Unlimited for you KU readers!!)

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  • Priscilla Williams
    Posted August 8, 2022 at 7:48 pm

    Looks to be an interesting read. So nice to get away from all the extended families, stemming from The Wolf. Getting tired of all the medieval extensions and battles etc. Looking forward to new adventures.

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