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A gorgeous collection of FEARSOME BRIDES!

I’ve got a new backlist bundle out right now – FEARSOME BRIDES, which includes the bestselling LORD OF WINTER – never before bundled up! If you haven’t read that story yet, then you need to do so – Juston de Royans, our hero, is the mentor to the de Lohr brothers, as well as to other great knights. He’s really quite a great man as well as a great knight, but the lady he marries is FEARSOME! But, then again, this bundle features VERY fearsome brides, ladies who don’t take any guff from their men – and sometimes the situations are truly hilarious.

Bundles like this are such a great way to get introduced to new stories, so I hope you’ll pick up your copy for only .99 cents for GREAT summer reading by the pool, or at the beach – wherever!

Happy Summer!!

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  • txozvicky
    Posted July 16, 2018 at 10:36 am

    Kathryn Levequ books! I just recently started reading Kathryn Levequ books but became instantly addicted and intrigued by her characters because she developed them to where you were immersed in their world and lives. She was so period correct and brought the highlands to you and plight of the women into your life it was amazing. I have also been a fan of Beatrice Small who was an amazing and wonderful author of the Skye O’Malley saga and she was another author who had that way of bringing the characters right off the page into your life and you felt as though you were living with them! I could imagine that I was riding right beside the heroine in the story or that I was on the castle wall seeing the lines of enemy soldiers awaiting the signal to begin the siege! Kathryn Levequ makes each of these books so different that they are not the same the boy gets the girl and lives happily ever after! Each of her books offer a different story line all of their own which you never know what you are about to get. There may be death of a child in one or a wife and that is her showing human frailty and she has shown battle ptsd in one novel so her books keep you interested in purchasing!! I love the fact that she is not all about sexuality and fluff but humanity as themselves. Weak, strong evil, but inherently good!!! Thank you Kathryn Levequ but I unfortunately have caught up and you need to write faster or I can be a critic before you send out your finished stuff!!! (Hint hint) I’m an avid fast reader)

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