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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you classify yourself?

My niche is English Medieval Historical, from about 1100 A.D. to the reign of Henry Tudor, with the majority of my novels set in the 13th and 14th centuries. My knights are all very big men, utterly Alpha males, and I make no apologies for the fact. They’re English knights through and through, the rock stars of their era, and they have the egos and skills to prove it. My books are historically accurate 98% of the time, but there is occasion when I take slight artistic license as a writer. It’s rare, but I do. I always make note of it so the reader knows. I use real battles and real historical figures to incorporate into my novels. I don’t consider myself a historian but rather a great admirer and student of the High Middle Ages.

Speaking of cross over characters, they’re everywhere. Are you sure I don’t have to read these books in order?

I’m sure! My novels are designed so that you can read then in essentially any order and still know what’s going on. All my novels are stand-alones; you will never have to read other novels in order to understand plots or characters. Just pick a book and start reading!

Is there sex in your novels?

Yes. All of my Medievals have it. The only novels that don’t have sex are the Kathlyn Trent/Marcus Burton series. Those are fine for YA and even children 11 and up. There is a lot of adventure in those books. However, since they are classified as romances, there is romance in it – love, family, kissing, but it doesn’t go beyond that except for in VALLEY OF THE SHADOW. Sex is implied but not graphic.

Do you have a chronological order?

Please see the CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER page and that will explain everything.

Are your books inspirational or Christian?


I have a fifteen year old son that loves knights and he really wants to read one of your novels. I don’t want him reading about sex. Can you recommend one of your books?

Tricky question. My Medieval novels are romance; they’re not straight historical fiction. But every novel has some degree of history, battles, etc. in them. Battles, weaponry and tactics are historically accurate. If he’s reading a paperback, you can easily black out the sex scenes (which don’t usually go on for pages and pages), but with a Kindle, it’s a bit more complex. My suggestion would be to check out the locations of the sex scenes and monitor the reading progress to see when it is being approached so you can skip over it. Usually, my novels have little more than one or two sex scenes, but it varies. THE WHITE LORD OF WELLSBOURNE is full of them, whereas UNENDING LOVE only has a brief one in the prologue. UNENDING LOVE would be a perfect read for a teen because the prologue is really just emotional satisfaction for those who love the romance part of it. For a YA simply looking for knights and battles, they wouldn’t be interested in the prologue, anyway.

I like erotica. Why don’t you have more sex?

Because I believe a storyline should be stronger than anything else. Take the sex out of my books and they can easily stand on their own. I don’t write historical porn, which is fine for other writers and I applaud their success with it, but that’s not for me. The sex in my books is directly related to the relationship or marriage of my characters and designed to give the reader deep insight and the ability to relate to the characters as human beings in love. It’s not gratuitous in any way, but when it’s there, it’s very hot.

Are your books grouped into series because they all have some degree of cross over characters?

Again, the CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER page will clear that up, but the short answer is “sometimes.” Series are obviously marked – like the DRAGONBLADE Trilogy.  

I’ve never read your books before. What would you recommend I start with?

Start with the de Wolfe Pack – Warwolfe, The Wolfe, Nighthawk, etc, etc. That’ll get you started. Like Contemporary romance? Try FIRES OF AUTUMN or SEA OF DREAMS.

Do your novels have paranormal or fantasy elements?

Some do, but it’s part of the storyline and not the focus of the entire book. I am not classified as a paranormal writer. The only Medieval that has an element of paranormal is THE DARK ONE: DARK KNIGHT, and that is extremely briefly. I’ve had readers become angry at paranormal elements in the storylines, as they don’t ‘like’ that kind of thing, but my novels encompass many, many elements. Just because there is a brief inflection of paranormal or flashbacks or ghostly encounters does not mean the entire book should be classified as such. It simply means it’s a very brief part and important to the storyline.

Any advice about reading your novels?

Yes! I truly hope you love what you read but remember this: I am an ‘out of the box’ writer, so don’t be surprised by anything you come across! And don’t read FOR LOVE AND HONOR or FRAGMENTS OF GRACE unless you’re ready for a non-conventional romance.  I have been known to write tragedies. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!