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A Wolfe Among Dragons – BIG NEWS!!

💥💥BIG NEWS!!! 💥💥

My readers have been begging for this story, so this is my 2018 gift to you – the story of the return of James de Wolfe!

I had other books planned for this summer, but I’m going to put those back in the pack to bring you the story of James de Wolfe, the de Wolfe son who was rumored to have died in Wales.

Remember that I say ‘rumored’. I have lamented the fact that I killed him off before we really got to know him, so only my (crazy) brain could come up with a way to bring him back from the dead. And, no, he’s not a ghost. He’s real. Read the book description and get VERY excited for James de Wolfe’s story – A WOLFE AMONG DRAGONS.

I’ve been plotting this book out in detail and already I can tell you that it’s going to be hugely emotional, probably more than any other de Wolfe Pack book because William  has never gotten over James’ death. By the time this story comes along, William is a very old man, yet he will be faced with a ghost from  his past – the son he thought he’d lost – but it’s not the son he knows or remembers. And what about Rose, the wife James left behind? She’s gone on with her life. Get ready for a wild emotional ride on this one!

This is going to be BIG, so make sure you have your copy reserved at the low price of .99 cents before the price goes up!

I can’t WAIT to get this story to you!!

B & N