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August is here!

Something very, very good to look forward to this month. TENDER IS THE KNIGHT is due out August 17th.

This is another one of those novels that I lost chapters to due to a faulty hard drive. There are actually several, and one novel, called ALWAYS FAITHFUL/THE PROMISE, that I lost completely.  It’s really sad, too, because that novel was a good one. The plot centered around a young lady who was forced to wed a powerful old lord, who happened to be gay.  He wanted nothing to do with her and ordered the captain of his guard to consummate the marriage and continue sleeping with the woman until he got her pregnant. Of course, the two fell in love but there was a whole host of crap they had to deal with, not the least of which was the gay and rather bitter husband.  If I get up the energy someday, I just might reconstruct it.

Anyway, I digress. Back to TENDER IS THE KNIGHT.  Great story of warring families and the price of peace.  Throw in an evil earl and a bad ass pirate, and we’ve got something going! Can’t wait to release it although, as with all of my releases, I will put for the disclaimer that it may not drop on time. I will do my level best, but something things beyond my control happen… edits… rewrites… full moons… earthquakes and fires… you get the picture….

Keep checking back for updated information on this latest Le Veque release!