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Binge Reading = Self Care!

I’m going to make self-care easy for you. I’ve got several boxed sets out right now that are just perfect for binge reading. Sit, relax, and read…

Boxed sets are almost always previously published books unless otherwise noted. Why are these sets a great deal? Because you can read four to six BIG novels for .99 cents or completely free in Kindle Unlimited, as part of your subscription. If you want to read my entire library, getting that KU subscription for only $9.99 is well worth the price because it will save you a lot of money. If you’re a new reader, then you can really indulge in a ton of stories at a low price!

Since my boxed sets are previously published books, make sure you check them to see if you have those books already. If there’s one book in the set that you don’t have, get the set because for the price alone, it’s worth it for that one book.

Here are the most recent sets, but there are still more on Amazon not listed here:

Lasses and their lovers:

The Thunder Legacy:

A Merry Medieval Christmas (this one contains a book that hasn’t been published since last Christmas!):

Queens of Medieval Romance:

Brides of the Anarchy:

The de Wolfe Sons Complete set:

Songs of Champions and Warriors:

Happy Binge Reading!