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Chronological order of my Novels – A Guide

I get this question so many times… is there a chronological order to my novel? The answer is, for the most part, NO. There is no chronological order. All of my novels are designed so you can read any one of them, at any time, and not have to have read other books to understand what is going on. I say this because nearly every novel has cross over characters – in other words, heroes or secondary characters that have appeared in other books.  The exception to this rule is, of course, the series – Dragonblade, Dr. Trent/Dr. Burton, etc.  It helps if you read them in order but it’s not crucial. You can still figure out what’s going on.

As I mentioned, I have many crossover heroes (and crossover secondary characters) that appear in other books – for the heroes, some of them appear pre-their novel, some of them appear post, but that doesn’t mean it’s chronological. They just happen to appear as a cross over and it has nothing to do with the storyline of ‘their’ novel.

However, for those who are obsessive with chronological order, this may help to read in the following grouping order because they will have the same characters appear in most, if not all, of the books:

  • The Dragonblade Trilogy: Dragonblade, Island of Glass, The Savage Curtain
  • The Crusader, Kingdom Come
  • Spectre of the Sword, Unending Love (Rhys du Bois also makes a very brief appearance in Kingdom Come)
  • Books with many of the same crossover characters (but they are NOT a series): Spectre of the Sword, Rise of the Defender (just the de Lohr brothers), Archangel, Unending Love (read this last)
  • The White Lord of Wellesbourne, The Dark One: Dark Knight
  • To The Lady Born, Great Protector
  • Other series are clearly marked (The Kathlyn Trent/Marcus Burton Series).

I hope this helps because I can’t get more specific than this. You may run across secondary characters that have appeared in other books, or brothers or relatives of heroes in other books, but that would be too lengthy to list. My advice is to just start reading and be pleasantly surprised when you run across characters you’ve already read about, and if a character has the same last name as a hero in another book, they are definitely related somehow (cousin, brother, ancestor, descendent, etc.). There ARE no coincidences in my world if someone shares the same last name.

Happy reading!