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Coming Release and More Good Stuff!

Hope you and yours are staying safe and sane during this difficult time. I think I’ve mentioned in previous posts that my husband and I moved during this period. Our new house closed escrow the day the State of California went into quarantine, so to say this has been a stressful time for us isn’t exaggerating. It’s been nuts!

So, just a quick reminder of a few things – 

Winter of Solace is coming June 4, 2020, about a week later from its original release date. Because of our move, and the chaos of the quarantine, I needed a little extra time to finish it, but it’s a hell of a book. I am just so proud of it. Make sure you reserve your copy – it’ll be here in about 3 weeks.





Also remember that I have a ton of .99 cent bundles and sales – and ALL of them are available in Kindle Unlimited, so read everything for FREE there! In fact, I would encourage you to read them in Kindle Unlimited because for $10 a month, you can literally read as many books as you wish. It’s a great deal with my bundles

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Happy Reading!!