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Be still my heart. This book! I have wanted to give Cassian and Brielle their own story for quite some time, but even I had no idea how beautifully it would turn out. Cassian and Brielle are so meant for one another, but circumstances (and fathers) keep the apart. Still – their love story is a deep one. Deep and complex. Make sure you have your copy reserved and then read the excerpt






Brielle was smiling at him from the entry to the great hall. He could see her from across the room. Leaving the group of men he’d been standing with, he made his way over to her as she stood with her sister.

But all Cassian could see was Brielle.

“Good eve, my lady,” he said rather formally, when he mostly called her Brie. “It is agreeable to see you this evening.”

“Agreeable?” Christin snorted. “God’s Bones, Cass, you’d better tell her she looks incredibly beautiful or there will be hell to pay. Do you think she usually dresses this way?”

Cassian was trying not to laugh. He genuinely liked Christin, who was much like her mother in that she was bold and unafraid to speak her mind. She was also a trained assassin who had worked in William Marshal’s spy ranks, along with her husband, until motherhood forced her to retire.

Cassian still wouldn’t tangle with her, though.

“Nay, she does not usually dress that way,” he said, noting how lovely Brielle looked. Then, he feigned sudden outrage. “Who is she trying to impress? Tell me his name immediately and I shall slit his throat.”

Christin chuckled and rolled her eyes. “You are hopeless,” she said. “I’m going to leave you to explain your ignorance to my sister. I must find my mother and see if she requires any assistance.”

With that, she wandered off in search of her mother, Dustin de Lohr, as Cassian and Brielle faced one another.

They were both smiling.

“Well?” Brielle said. “Explain yourself.”

He lifted a dark eyebrow. “I will explain myself when you tell me who you have dressed so carefully for.”

Brielle was stubborn. She looked around. “I do not see him,” she said. “He was here earlier.”

Cassian frowned. “He is right in front of your face.”

She gave him a head-to-toe look that suggested he wasn’t who she was looking for at all. Then she looked around again. “He must have gone outside,” she said. “But I suppose you will do.”

Cassian shook his head slowly. “You are a cruel, beastly woman and I do not know why I put up with you.”

She fought off a grin, dimples in her cheeks. “Because you are mad for me. Admit it.”

He sighed sharply. “Unfortunately for me, I am,” he said. His manner softened. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You know that, don’t you?”

Brielle’s smile broke through. “If you tell me enough, I may come to believe you.”

“I hope you do.”


Sigh….. so sweet. You will love, love, love this story!