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Dragonblade’s Pre order Scroll has arrived!

What’s a pre order scroll, you ask? Just that – like the Dean’s list of pre orders. A list of Dragonblade Publishing’s pre orders. They are always .99 cents in pre order so everyone gets an opportunity to get a great book at a great price, and there are so many of them!

As you know, I don’t normally share other authors on my blog  because I figured you signed up for ‘me’ – and that’s what you should get. But Dragonblade Publishing is my company – in other words, I own and operate it. I’m the CEO. And we have a curated list of authors who are some of the finest authors you’ll ever read and I’m proud to share them with you. The scroll comes out once a week, but I’ll share it with you at least once a month to keep you updated on books you may want to read.

What else about Dragonblade? It’s a woman-owned, woman-run boutique publisher specializing in Historical Romance. We work hard to make sure women voices are elevated. To make sure we are inclusive. We are committed to the diversity of romance and as of April 2021, 17% of our authors are BIPOC. Our first #ownvoices series is also coming out in April 2021, written by a disabled author of color about disabled veterans. We have hundreds of strong heroines and swoonworthy hero romances for you to read. There’s a good reason why Dragonblade Publishing is the #1 ebook publisher of Historical Romance on Amazon. We are also an approved publisher for Romance Novelist Association (RNA). So – trust me when I say this is a hard-working small press with some really great authors because I make sure of it!

Now, on to this week’s pre orders. Check them out and pick up a few!

The Winds of Change by Lilian Marek 5/25/21❧
The Knight and the Rose by Everley Gregg 5/26/21❧
Lord Ares by Jade Lee 5/27/21❧
Garden of Angels by Meara Platt 6/1/21❧
The Soul of a Storme by Sandra Sookoo 6/3/21❧
How to Live Happily Ever After by Bree Wolf 6/4/21❧
The Peer’s Roguish Word by Kate Archer 6/8/21❧
Duke of Honor by Alexa Aston 6/10/21❧
Tempering the Viscount’s Envy by C.H. Admirand 6/29/21❧
Lord Scot by Jade Lee 10/29/21❧
I’m going to add my pre orders to this, too –
Highland Legend Amazon:
The Splendid Hour Amazon:
Upon a Midnight Dreary Amazon –
WolfeLord: Amazon:

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  • Joy Stone
    Posted May 24, 2021 at 10:33 am

    Great idea! Now, I can keep up with my favorite authors!

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