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FREE for Kindle this week – RESURRECTION

RESURRECTION was the very first book I wrote in the American Heroes series, which means that Ethan Serreaux was my very first AH love.  I actually wrote this novel well before Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code”.  Resurrection has to do with the hunt for a holy relic and the Vatican – all things Da Vinci Code-ish.  Imagine my surprise when Dan Brown published his before me!

Well, all that aside, Resurrection is a different novel altogether. We have a very sexy FBI agent, Ethan Serreaux, and a hot museum director running off in search of the holy relic stolen by fanatics. It’s really a very exciting read from one page to the next and although a lot of my readers are die-hard historical fans, give Resurrection a try. It’s free until the weekend, so what do you have to lose? Plus, Ethan Serreaux is SUPER hot.  No time wasted reading about hot guys, right?