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Highland Defender is coming!

Holy smokes! HIGHLAND DEFENDER, the book that Publisher’s Weekly called “electrifying”, is releasing on Tuesday 1/26!

This is Book Two in the Scots and Swords series I’ve written for Sourcebooks, so in this book, I really had a chance to build on more of the world of the fight guild, the Ludus Caledonia, hidden in the hills south of Edinburgh.

I absolutely adore this world and the characters in it, because there is definitely honor among gladiators – and the brotherhood is strong. We’ve got the highlanders, of course, but there are also English, Saxons, and more. In future books, I’ll be exploring the diversity of the gladiators who fight there because at this period in time (15th century), there was a lot of travel and exploration going on, so it’s very possible that people from all over the known world found their way to Edinburgh, and consequently, to the Ludus Caledonia. 

The hero of this book, Bane Morgan, is a man who has really lost all hope in life. He made a bad mistake and he punishes himself for it, even years down the road. When he meets Lucia Symington, things change – Lucia has her own private hell she’s dealing with and at first, Bane takes advantage of her kindness, but that quickly changes when he realizes that he’s attracted to her. There are some GREAT characters in this one, so you’re going to have a few people you’ll love to ‘hate’ – and you’re going to want them to get their comeuppance. That’s some of what makes this book so much fun!

You’re definitely going to want to get your copy of this one!