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Highland Legion series has arrived! New pre order – HIGHLAND BORN!

🔥🔥My last pre order for 2023 has arrived! Introducing “HIGHLAND BORN”, Book 1 in the new Highland Legion series! 🔥🔥

I’m so excited for this new series – highland born brothers, English educated, torn between two world – and “HIGHLAND BORN” is going to be the unforgettable kick-off to this amazing series coming November 30th, 2023!

Here’s the series blurb so you know exactly what the series is all about:


Every family has legends behind it, but no family more than the Dun Tarh clan.

Tucked deep in the highlands of Scotland and relatives to the MacKenzie clan, the dun Tarh family is said to have been spawned from the lost Roman legion, the elite Ninth Hispania. For generations, the family was known for their dark men, quick to temper, fierce fighters with comely looks. They were greatly respected in the highlands until Lares Rayan dun Tahr became the head of the family, a former priest who had fallen from grace.

Lucifer, they called him.

And his sons were known as Lucifer’s Highland Legion.


Sons Aurelius, Darien, Estevan, Caelus, Kaladin, Lucan, Leandro, and Cruz are here to keep you up alllll night with great tales of the swooniest heroes. Sound good? I hope so. Reserve your copy of “HIGHLAND BORN”, Aurelius’ tale, because you’re not going to want to miss ANY of this new world!