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January 2020 Pre Order is HERE!

Readers have spoken and I have listened – my January 2020 pre order is the next Executioner Knights tale, A TIME OF END!

I have loved writing about The Executioner Knights and now we have Alexander “Sherry” de Sherrington’s story. He’s, like, the super-cool spy/assassin of the group, a loner who loves his friends. He’s a true gentleman, a leader, but a cutthroat. He’s a paradox. But I really adore him, so I’m so glad to finally be writing his story. And what a story it is!

Sherry’s lady-love is none other than Christin de Lohr, Christopher and Dustin’s daughter from “Rise of the Defender”. Better still? Christin is a spy in her own right with William Marshal’s spy ring – and her father doesn’t know it! Doh!!

You better believe that sets up one heck of a story!




Barnes and Noble coming soon!

Reserve your copy today – this is going to be a GOOD one you won’t want to miss! (And it doesn’t hurt that the cover is one of my all-time favorites!)