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Life in General

Every morning, I try to post something. Lately it seems that all I post are plugs for my novels, so today I’m going to post something different. Miracle! 🙂

I’ve been thinking back over the past several years and how I came to this point in my life. I started writing as a hobby back when I was 13 and just really never got over it. When I was pregnant with my kids back in ’89 and ’92, I was unable to move around much. I had to stay down. So I wrote a lot long-hand on spiral notebooks just to pass the time. No computers back then! No laptops.  In fact, our cell phone was one of those bricks. Anyway, I wrote a lot of stories back then. I wrote an entire series about a female Navy S.E.A.L. officer. Medical personnel, non-com status, but she went along on the missions anyway.  She was hot.  There were three in the series, one involving an underwater habitat that the Russians wanted. Oh, those were the days. Good times.

Then, in the late ’90s, I really started writing heavily of Medieval novels.  They all started coming out, one after the other.  I wrote on an old second hand computer I had bought, the one of legend that blew up and destroyed a lot of old novels I had including The Wolfe, Rise of the Defender, and The Dark One: Dark Knight.  Only because I had printed those up in hard copy did they survive.  Thank goodness!!  That was back in the day when I was really practicing my ‘style’ and what proper writing was. I read everything I could about it. But you know what…?

… writing is a constantly evolving art. You are never ‘perfect’. You are only as good as you are at that moment, and with the next novel, you hopefully get better. I don’t know everything about writing. I don’t profess to. I make mistakes. Everyone does; we’re human. But I strive to bang out the best story I can, with the best characters.  But it’s all still a learning process and I continue to educate myself on a daily basis. Do I consider myself a professional? Yes, I do. But even professionals grow. You never stop learning. If you do, you’re in trouble.

So the thought for today is – self awareness grows as you get older. So does the sense of acceptance in who, and what, you are.



  • liloshadow
    Posted May 7, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    They are ridiculously funny! Its ALL about the humor in those books.

  • liloshadow
    Posted May 7, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    OOOOhh I like S.E.A.L books! Have you ever read any of Sandra Hill’s books with the vikings and S.E.A.L.S? They have female S.E.A.L.S in there called W.E.A.L.S . Sandra’s humor actually reminds be a little bit of yours. Sassy and funny thats how I like it! lol

    • Post Author
      kathryn LeVeque
      Posted May 7, 2013 at 8:55 pm

      Vikings and S.E.A.L.’s? Sounds intriguing! No, I’ve never read them, but I just might have to!

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