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Lion of War – an excerpt!

Advanaced readers are going crazy for this book – old school Le Veque in action! Two warriors – Curtis and Elle – go head -to-head in this great romantic epic that is not to be missed, so make sure you have your copy reserved. This one will go up to full price right after release, so don’t miss the special low price.

Kindle Unlimited readers, this one will release in KU, so get read to READ!! Can’t wait to get it out to you!! I mean… is this guy hot or WHAT??

Here’s a brief excerpt, just for you:


Her sobbing had lessened dramatically as she looked at him in outrage. “You came to take my home away,” she said. “I am allowed to defend myself!”

He looked at her. “You violated a treaty between your father and the King of England,” he said pointedly. “You started this. You had no authority to break the treaty, but you did. Arrogant and imperious, you made that decision, so you brought this down on yourself.”

She leapt up from the rock again, enraged. “Is that so?”

“Of course it is,” he said, standing up and facing her. “This is all your fault. The death, the destruction, is all because you felt you were important enough and strong enough to break a longstanding treaty, so don’t blame me for your troubles. If there is death here, as you put it, it’s because you caused it. Weep all you want, but everything is your fault. And you think I want to marry someone like you? Someone without honor? A foolish woman who cannot see beyond her own arrogance? You do not deserve me, Enid Arielle ferch Gwenwynwyn. Did you ever stop to think about that?”

She was taken aback by his harsh words. Not because they were brutal, but because they were so truthful. He was spelling out the truth of her actions and the truth of the hatred running through her veins.

Someone has poisoned you.

Perhaps that was true, but that someone had ingrained it into her long ago.

Every bit of it.

“Mayhap I do not deserve you, but I do not want you, either,” she said, her voice trembling. “Mayhap this is all my doing, but this marriage is your father’s doing. He could have simply told Henry that there was no woman for you to marry, but he seems to think my royal bloodlines make me a suitable wife. All he talks about are my royal bloodlines, as if they are the only thing that matter. If you must be angry, be angry at him. I did not ask for this.”

Curtis sighed sharply, scratching at his forehead. “Then what do you want to do?” he said. “Do you want to return to your people? Just leave? Then go. I will not hold you here any longer. We have come to an end, my lady, and I surrender. I’ve tried to be kind. I have tried to be understanding. But you do not want that. You simply want to hate and point the blame at others, so do it with people who will tell you that your hatred is warranted and that you’ve done nothing wrong in this situation. I’ll not stop you.”

She eyed him in the moonlight. “Go where?” she said. She gestured to Brython. “This is my home, but now it is yours.”

He shook his head. “I do not care where you go,” he said. “Go find Llywelyn and tell him of the defeat of Brython and see if he’ll take you into his household. Your grandmother was from his family, wasn’t she? Go back to him and hate all you want. Let it eat you alive, because I do not care. You’ve never given me a reason to.”


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