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Lots of .99 cent sales today

Head on over to my Amazon page and pick up three novels that are on sale today:

The White Lord of Wellesbourne

To The Lady Born

The Warrior Poet

Also, several of my contemporary novels are at $2.99 or less, so pick up a few copies of those as well. I know that a lot of my historical readers don’t like contemporary romance, but let me say this – my contemporary romances basically have my knights placed in the contemporary world. All of the hotness, humor, and wisdom are brought forward into present time.  My recommendations? EVENSHADE is a thoroughly amazing story with possibly my favorite contemporary hero, Cord Trevor. Or you can read my sister in law’s favorite, SEA OF DREAMS, with a hunky S.E.A.L. named Beck Seavington. In any case, you can’t lose no matter which novel you choose. Oh, and remember RETURN OF THE DEFENDER’s secondary hero (and antagonist) Marcus Burton? I loved Marcus so much that I made him the hero in a contemporary series – the Dr. Kathlyn Trent/Dr. Marcus Burton series. It’s Marcus in Egypt, so give it a try! Lots of fun!

Oh, and one last thing – we may have a shake up for the releases over the next few months, so keep watching for updates.  I may have a surprise release at the end of July/beginning of August instead of DEVIL’S DOMINION, so stay tuned. Furthermore, this novel may go up on preorder at the end of July, so I will keep you posted!

Happy reading!!