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Medieval Knights become Medieval Pirates!

LEADER OF TITANS has become SO much fun to write – which means it’s going to be huge fun for you to read!  Our hero, Constantine le Breque, is a hard-core English knight who kind of fell into a pirate’s life as the result of a bad judgment call on his part. Now that he’s become a pirate, a whole new world has opened up to him – and to readers! Knights on the high seas!

Constantine is the bastard son of Henry V and he’s been hidden from the king’s enemies his entire life. He knows who he is, but he doesn’t care – and he dares his enemies to come after him.  He’s also different from any hero I’ve written about because he’s really a lady’s man. Love ’em and leave ’em. He’s a rascal, but a lovable rascal, and I know you’re going to fall in love with him as I have.  Who else is going to join him on the waves? A few characters you already know and love. You are going to LOVE this novel!!

LEADER OF TITANS is available on all platforms now, so reserve your copy on your favorite reading platform and get ready for awesome Medieval Pirate romance!



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