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Mists and Moonrise: The Reluctant Brides Collection. Medieval Mayhem!!

Mists and Moonrise: The Reluctant Brides collection will be a collection you definitely want on your reading device. Based on the ancient caves of St. Agnes on the coast of Cornwall, legend states that a pair of lovers met a tragic end in those caves. Now, if a man and a woman touch what is alleged to be the lovers’ blood stain upon the cave walls, it is said that the couple will fall madly in love with each other. But there’s a caveat – they have to touch of their own free will!

Now, if you were a reluctant bride, how willing would you be to travel to those caves…? Probably not too much. That’s the premise for this fabulous new material collection that will be as hilarious as it is passionate. It’s Medieval Madness and Mayhem galore, but always with a happy ending. Always!!

Right now, the collection is only .99 cents on all platforms, so get it at this great price before the price goes up – and it will!

.99 cents for six novellas? What a great deal! And you know I’m all about bringing my readers deal, so get this one!



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