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More Kindle Unlimited Reads!

I’ve just reissued some boxed sets that have been a huge hit in the past, so much so that readers have been asking me if they’re ever coming back. Usually, my sets are limited editions – and I don’t bring them back – but I have re-released these sets for those readers who didn’t get them the first time around.

Boxed sets like this are always such a great deal – they’re always my own books, themed (like, they all have something in common, like Scottish brides or whatever), but they’re a great way to pick up books you might not have read yet before for an outstanding price. Or, if you read in Kindle Unlimited, you can read them all there – and binge read to your heart’s content!

So, if you haven’t picked up these bundles, or if there’s a book or two in them you haven’t read before, buy your copy OR read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Don’t read Kindle? The app is FREE – and a Kindle Unlimited subscription is only $9.99, which gives you access to every single book in my library – over 100! It’s SUCH a huge bargain. Seriously! But even if you buy the sets, right now, they’re only .99 cents. That means 11 books for under $2. So check out these re-issued sets!

Brides of the Borders

Brides of Scotland