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New Connected de Wolfe Pack World Books!

As you know, I keep my blog and website strictly for my books and news, but I thought I’d share this with you.

The de Wolfe Pack series has a connected world, meaning that there are other authors who write in the de Wolfe Pack universe, blending my locations and names and characters with their own. That means there are a so many fabulous books out that are all set in the World of de Wolfe Pack and today, seven brand-new de Wolfe Pack connected books launched.

We’ve got Regency, Highlander, and more, and they’re only .99 cents for a few days, so stock up on some really cool de Wolfe Pack books – and maybe find a favorite new author. Here they are, for you to enjoy!

To Want a Rogue by Tammy Andresen –

The Duke’s Scandalous Kiss by Aileen Fish–

Forever in Your Arms by Amanda Mariel –

The Cursed by Cathy MacRae –

A Spy at the Highland Court by Celeste Barclay–

My Rival, My Love by Ruth Kaufman–

To Love an English Knight by Sherry Ewing –