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New EU Regulations and GDPR

If you subscribe to newsletters, then you have been seeing this message. The European Union has new regulations that take effect on May 25, 2018, and anyone with a website that sends out emails wants to make sure they’re in compliance.

I want to make sure the only emails you receive from me are the ones you want!

Additionally, I do not share your information with anyone. If you request to see how your information is used, I am happy to comply. But I can promise you that the only way I use it is as you see right now – by sending out an occasional blog post. Additionally, when you initially sign up for my website, you must opt-in to receive my emails – thereby making your choice that you want to receive my emails. Registering for my website does not automatically put you on my mailing list – you have to literally opt in to it. That being said, if you no longer wish to receive my emails, then please unsubscribe now, which you can do easily at the bottom of his message. I hope you’ll stay with me, but if you feel as if you are getting too many emails, then please unsubscribe!

You can read more about GDPR here:

I hope you choose to remain with me because I’m going to expand my blog a bit to include new interviews and books that I hope you’ll find interesting. But, as always, I fiercely protect your information and always will. It is never, EVER shared.

It’s my goal to keep our relationship fun, informative, and most of all, wanted!

Happy Reading!