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SHIELD OF KRONOS is now available for pre order!

This novel has been a very long time in the making – maybe even twenty years or more – so I’m thrilled to be able to FINALLY write the story of Bose de Moray’s (THE GORGON) parents! Wow, are you in for a treat with this one – this is going to be a knock-down, drag-out battle to the death between a knight fighting for his lady and the duke that wants to steal her. Medieval chivalry and romance at it’s very best in this one!

Here’s the book description:



1196 A.D. –

Eyes as black as night….

A decorated knight for Richard the Lionheart and an ally of the House of de Lohr, Sir Garret de Moray was a man described as cold… intimidating… foreboding. A man with eyes as black as night.

Receiving a royal appointment as Captain of the Household Guard, there was no man more qualified or prepared for the role because on the sands of the Holy Land where Garret went on Richard’s great quest, the Christian armies whispered of a knight whose wisdom was ancient. Some wondered if he was the walking dead, an immortal soul who had lived many lifetimes over, because his skill and power exceeded earthly restraints. Kronos, they called him. The father of the gods.

Then came a lady without hope….

Beautiful Lyssia du Bose has lost everything – her father, her home, her family. Taken in by an aunt who was a lady-in-waiting for the Duchess of Wendover, Lyssia finds a quiet existence in the shadows of a great home. A chance meeting with a warrior with eyes as black as night and, suddenly, her perspective on life begins to change. The quiet, sometimes-frightening knight took an interest in her, and she in him. Is it possible that someone should actually want her?

More than she knows. When Lyssia catches the Duke of Wendover’s attention as well, the gentle romance between her and Garret quickly becomes something they must fight to hold on to. When Garret, one of the most powerful knights in King Richard’s stable, is challenged by a married duke who wishes to make Lyssia his mistress, it is a battle that all of London will witness.



SHIELD OF KRONOS is available on all platforms, so please make sure to reserve your copy today for a super-low price! (and check out that cover -WOW!!!)


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