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Silversword is coming!

My June release, SILVERSWORD, will be here before you know it.  This book has turned into an old-friends reunion – Bose de Moray (The Gorgon), all three de Shera brothers (Lords of Thunder series), Davyss de Winter (Lespada), Daniel de Lohr (Shadowmoor), and an appearance by Curtis de Lohr, Christopher de Lohr’s firstborn son (and Curtis will have his own novel as well very soon!), so this is definitely a book you will not want to miss. It’s taking some great twists and turns, and the humor in it had me laughing out loud as I wrote it, so make sure you have your copy reserved.  You’ll really want to laugh with these guys – and stress out over the predicament they’re in. Plus, the heroine, Alessandria, is a strong young lady – strong enough to stand up to a de Lohr male!

You definitely won’t want to miss this one!

Silversword on Amazon