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Some exciting stuff happening – get your one-click ready!

Wow… so much going on these days. Writing is a full-time job and on top of that, I’m moving. So exhausting – but so worth it in the end! Still, giving my readers great bargains and great books is always a top priority no matter how busy I am.

On to book news! 

I absolutely can’t wait to get WolfeHeart out to you!! Confession: I’ve changed the heroine’s name mid-stream because the original name just didn’t suit her. That’s not usual with me, but somehow, Amabella just seemed to fit her better than the original name. She’s quite a woman, as Markus is finding out. I love the progress of their discovery!

Do NOT miss WolfeHeart – make sure you pre order your copy now!





Also – I’ve got some great new boxed sets that you can read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Boxed Set #1: Here’s a never-before published boxed set – REIGN OF DE WINTER! All of the de Winter knights in one convenient boxed set, so grab your copy or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!

Passion, adventure, intrigue… it’s all here in one great set!

Get it!







Boxed Set #2: Love Time-Travel? Love Outlander? Then this is the boxed set for you, the reissue of LOVE NEVER DIES, featuring my Time-Travel favorites. Not to be missed – and you can also read it for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Get it!