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Sons of Poseidon: The Trident Legacy is here for pre order!

From NYT Bestselling author SHARON HAMILTON and USA Today Bestselling author KATHRYN LE VEQUE, a novella duet like nothing else you’ve read! Meet the Sons of Poseidon in THE TRIDENT LEGACY: THE IMMORTALS.

I’m so excited about this set. It’s not often that I get a chance to write something a little ‘different’, so this was really a cool opportunity for me. Dear friend Sharon Hamilton, who is a NYT bestselling author of military romance, reached out to me last year about doing something like this and, needless to say, I was on board immediately. What’s so fun about this tale? For starters, the hero in my novella – THE IMMORTAL SEA – is Kerk Lesander, a secondary character in NIGHTHAWK. He makes a brief appearance, but you kind of get a feel for the guy. He’s tough, and kind of disillusioned about his immortality. It’s hard to live for so long and live it alone.

Anyway, immortal souls and sexy Navy SEALs combine in this super-cool, super-passionate set of romances. Even if you don’t like Military romance, or even contemporary romance, give this a try. This kind of romance crosses all genres! And at .99 cents, what do you have to lose?