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THE IRON KNIGHT is almost here!

August 23rd will be D-Day for The Iron Knight. What a story this is! An older knight, a widowed woman – and a very explosive tale of a second chance at love. Who doesn’t love that kind of tale? I love Lucien and Sophina because they’re sensible – they’ve lived, they’ve loved, and they don’t do anything stupid  with each other like some younger couples have done in the past (I’ve had some hum-dingers at times with very young women and their flighty behavior). So make sure you get a copy of this book – it’s full of a lot of passion and emotion and there’s even a twist or two. You know me – I love twists!

So grab your copy! Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt to entice you:





Sophina had her task set before her and she faced it with her customary resolve. “I will not,” she assured him. She watched him as he collected his belt and moved to put it on. “Is there anything I can do for you? Do you require any help?”

For some reason, he thought those were beautiful words. It had been years since he’d heard such words, meant only for him. Caring words, as if she… cared. When he looked at her, she was gazing up at him with confidence and eagerness, prepared to do whatever he needed. God, he loved that. Setting the belt down, he went to her and took her face between his two big hands.

“Your presence here, at this moment, is all I require,” he said softly. “I could not sleep last night for thoughts of you and now that you are here, standing before me, I am joyful to realize that yesterday was no dream. I rescued you from a lake and somehow during the day, my attraction to you became overwhelming. You are under my skin and I do not even know how it happened, only that it did.  I want to wake up to you every morning, Sophina. I want your face to be the first one I see in the morning and the last one I see at night.  At this moment, having you so near me… something within me is whole again. It is alive again. I am not sure I can explain it any better than that.”

Sophina’s heart was fluttering wildly against her ribs, making it difficult to breathe. “I can hardly believe that yesterday was not a dream, either,” she said softly. “Much like you, I did not sleep very well last night.”


“For the same reasons you did not,” she said. “I cannot stop thinking of you and what you said last night.  You said that we are not young and new, and that we understand things from a perspective of having lived and having been loved.  That is true, all of it, and because it is true, I worry that we are being impetuous in our actions.  We are old enough not to act on impulse. But the truth is that I do not care what common sense tells me. I care what my heart tells me, and my heart tells me that this is where I belong. With you.”

His smile broadened and he kissed her lips, sweetly. “You do,” he murmured. You belong with me and to me.”