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The new World of de Wolfe Pack launches on Kindle Worlds next Thursday!

I’m so excited that we’re getting closer to the official launch of the World of de Wolfe Pack with Kindle Worlds. The World will launch with 15 novels, all of them using beloved characters from the de Wolfe series. We’ve got Regency, Victorian, Contemporary, Military, Historical, Tudor… you name it, we’ve got it. So many wonderful stories for you to read and, of course, since this is a fan fiction site, you can WRITE in the world, too! If your books sell, you get paid, so it’s a great arrangement!  Here are the wonderful stories that will be available at the launch, written by some of Historical Romance’s best writers:


Beneath a Silver Sky  

Historical Romance, Western, Novella   

Hildie McQueen


The Siege of Lady Aloria
Historical Romance, Regency, Novella
Christina McKnight
De Wolfe’s Honor
Historical Paranormal Romance, Novella
Victoria Zak
Nobody’s Angel
Historical Romance, Regency, Novella
Meara Platt
Never Cry De Wolfe
Contemporary Romance
Violetta Rand
Lone Wolfe
Medieval Romance, Novella
Barbara Devlin
Breton Wolfe
Medieval/Viking Romance, Novella
Victoria Vane
Highland Dawn
Medieval/Highland Romance, Novella
Anna Markland
Trusting The Wolfe
Historical Romance,

Victorian, Novella

Lana Williams

Wolfe of the West

Western Paranormal

Romance, Novella

Elizabeth Rose


Dragon Fire

Medieval Romance, Norman/Welsh


Christy English


A Knight’s Desire
Medieval Romance, Novella (50K words), set in England, 1192
Catherine Kean


Promise of a Knight

Medieval/Tudor romance, novella set in Scotland/England 1503

Eliza Knight


Love’s Legacy

Regency, historical romance, novella set in England,

Amanda Mariel


Together Again

Contemporary Romance, Novella

Scarlett Cole


Get ready for the World of de Wolfe Pack coming October 29!